Please note, this is NOT a tour designed to scare people.

After booking prepare for a 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 hour experience. This experience is roughly 10% walking, 25% shuttle Bus and 65% exploration/experience (this varies depending on group size).
The Haunted Eureka Springs tour starts at our launching spot located in the bottom floor of the New Orleans Hotel building with the entrance located at 16 Center Street.Here we will get an introduction and history as to why Eureka Springs, Arkansas is one of the most actively haunted towns in America.

There is a reason why our town had more mortuaries and undertakers than any other city per capita. Here we also learn how to use modern as well as Victorian ghost hunting tools. Do not forget you can purchase your own EMF meter to use while on the tour.

We will learn about the haunts of the New Orleans building including it’s Prohibition Era speakeasy that was accessible via the underground catacombs.  We then exit the building and onto the shuttle van.

Once on-board, we pass and discuss stories of interesting landmarks, such as the Basin Spring, the Civil War Hospital Cave, and our Courthouse.

We disembark where there is a restroom break and learn about one of town’s haunted houses where we learn about some of the dark history during the Spiritualism movement when SOME  “Mediums” would prey on grieving loved ones in hopes of bilking them out of as much money as they could.

We then board and ride down North Main Street and past the train depot where thousands of deceased bodies were shipped out of town in coffins.

Next, we pass and talk of Governor Powell Clayton’s haunted Crescent Cottage (a Haunted Inns of America listing).

Boarding the shuttle again, we share the story of the haunted Palace Hotel in the heart of downtown, then up to the famous and haunted Penn Castle, then back down town where we disembark for our last bit of the walking tour. We walk approximately 500 feet to see the famous Eureka Underground. We share the legend of where Norman Baker from the Baker Hospital (currently called the Crescent Hotel) would secretly, and in the cloak of darkness, shuttle the corpses that resulted from his botched cancer ‘cure’ to the hidden entrance of a mortuary.

The tour returns to our headquarters, where we share the story of our own “Bermuda Triangle”. This is where we discuss the foiled bank robbery of 1922, bankruptcy, the tragic burning of the Ellis building and the sudden death of the beloved Dr. Ellis.

While back at HQ, for the grand finale in our “Portal Room” where our secret passage takes us into the famous haunted underground Catacombs for a unique adventure in ghost hunting.

We conclude as we get to use both Victorian era and modern ghost hunting tools to wrap up the festivities of the evening.

The tour is designed to minimize uphill climbing with most exploration being downhill. The walking distance is minor, but does include some stairs. There are some sitting opportunities along the way, the final half hour of the tour will allow for bathroom, and outdoor smoke breaks for those that will desire that. As we are always trying out new things and adding new stories, the above is subject to change without notice.