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Megan, M ghost tour connoisseur from Ireland:

“A fun, informative ghost tour!”

5 Star Haunted Eureka Springs Review

First, I am connoisseur of ghost tours. I go on a tour in every city I visit that offers one, and I’ve come across some excellent ones (Dublin, IE) and some that struggle (Portland). Second, I spent the better part of six years as a history major and now spend most of my time dealing with history of the American West. With those things in mind, I can confirm that the Eureka Springs tour was very well put together, especially for being new on the market. Our guide (Wyatt) was fantastic. Very personable and knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He genuinely wanted to be there and cared about our experience. Many tours I’ve been on try to be too gimmicky or insincere, and Wyatt was neither of those things. The tour was a nice combination of the historic events in ES and the supernatural.

As for the actual tour, if you’re worried about walking around the perpetual uneven hill that is Eureka Springs, this is a good tour for you. All of the walking is downhill, save for a few staircases. I drug my dad (who is a massive skeptic and was appeasing me by going on this) who has a bum ankle and he handled it fine. It lasted about 1 2/3 hours and aside from not being used to the heat of Arkansas and sweating up a storm, I have zero complaints. This is a fun use of an evening if you have one to spare in town!