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Why do Eurekan’s love our town so much that many don’t ever want to leave…even after death? Find out with Haunted Eureka Springs.

We offer 2 Haunted options this season:

2 Hour Van Ghost Tour, around town on and off at several haunted locations and in two haunted buildings plus access into the famous catacombs. $24.50 adults; $19.50 children. CLICK HERE

90 min Walking Ghost Tour, downtown, starting and concluding in two haunted buildings and ending in the catacombs. $13.50 adults and children. CLICK HERE

There is some duplication in a few stories and Eurekan history at the various events, but each has their own exclusive stories.


Why book a ticket to experience The Haunted
History of Eureka Springs Van/Walking tour?

Haunted Eureka Springs Tours

This is what our customers have to say:

“This tour was probably the best thing we’ve done in Eureka Springs in years. “
Betty J. from Illinois

5 Star Haunted Eureka Springs Review
“best paranormal & historic tour in Eureka Springs”

Melissa T. from Missouri

5 Star Haunted Eureka Springs Review
“History and stories that we haven’t heard on
any other tour”
Karen M. from Missouri

5 Star Haunted Eureka Springs Review
“Loved the tour! Really a great experience”
Patrick B. from Missouri

Very limited seating, so book online now.

Want to take a tour of some of the most actively haunted sites in and around Eureka Springs? Would you like to learn how to Hunt Ghosts with an EMF meter? What about communicate with the paranormal? Then join us on one of our combination van / exploration tours. Explore an active site, along with hearing the rich stories and history of Eureka Springs. There is a reason that Eureka Springs had more mortuaries, funeral homes, and undertakers per each citizen than most other U.S. cities.

Book Now to experience it for yourself.

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